Health Centre

Hours of Operation:


Monday – Thursday  – 8:30am – 4:00 pm
Closed for lunch 12:00-1:00 pm

Closed on all holidays including Aboriginal holidays



The Annapolis Valley First Nation Health Centre is made up of a Community Health Nurse, NADACA prevention Counselor, Community Based Water Monitor and a Receptionist.

Annapolis Valley First Nation Health Center

The Health Center has many resources available to our band members, from information pamphlets to information workshops relating to Health and Wellness. Due to the high rate of Diabetes in First Nation communities there are many prevention and weight control programs, provided monthly are the Foot Clinics to help with foot care. There is a Dental Hygienist available two days a month and a Children’s Oral Health Initiative program for Dental Care. Prenatal programs and services are available for parents and babies, along with parenting workshops. Flu Clinics are held once a year during flu season. Throughout the year there are also many programs such as Massage Therapy, Physical Activity Programs, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention, Suicide Prevention, Injury/Illness prevention, Health and Wellness Promoting, etc.

Christine MacFarlane

Community Health Nurse

Ext: 1

A Community Health Nurse is a registered nurse whose practice specialty promotes the health of individuals, families and the community by delivering workshops, health fairs, health and sex education, prenatal, etc. and will also perform duties (service delivery and reporting) as outlined in the contribution agreement from Health Canada.

Peter MacLeod

Community Water Monitor


The Community Based Water Monitor is to ensure the community is drinking clean and safe water by testing water on a daily bases from certain homes and the main water wells. If the water fails to be safe it is his duty to issue a Water Advisory.

Rowena Melvin

NADACA Prevention Counselor

Ext: 2


The Prevention Counselor will provide a client who is dealing with a drug or alcohol problem valuable resources, assessments, referrals, strategies and cultural programs available in treatment centers. They work closely with the youth to prevent them from using Drugs or Alcohol by providing workshops, physical activities, groups, etc.

Sharon Criss

Receptionist/COHI Aid

Ext: 0

The Receptionist is responsible for ensuring the office runs in an efficient and effective manner by managing the day to day operations, such as answering phone, setting up appointments, maintain equipment, attend to walk-in, medical transportation, help prepare for workshops, monthly newsletter.

Pat Marshall

Home Care Nurse

Ext: 4

The Home Care Nurse provides a valuable service visiting patients