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Question: What is the proposed split between what will be distributed to band members and what residue will go into the trust fund?

A: We have used recommended distribution models,  similar to other settlement agreements.  This will include 30% being distributed to the Band members, payment of land acquisition of approx. 2.3M for potential (ATR) addition to reserve land for future economic development and the remainder residual going into trust account.


Question: How will the two band members be selected to sit on the Board of Trustees?

A: Council will get to pick its representatives on the Board of Trustees. These persons should be able to contribute to the success of the trust


Question: If the agreement is approved on May 5th what is the timeline for finalizing the Board of Trustees and distribution of settlement funds to band members?

A: There is no set deadline for distribution although from my experience it can take 90 to 150 days



Important Meeting: AVFN Land Claim

When: April 15th, 2021 meeting

Time: 5:30pm (AST)

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