Chief / Council / Staff

Gerald B. Toney


The Chief makes decisions concerning band related business, community planning and she sits on all band committees as a chairperson with voting rights within a quorum. The Chief also has extended duties outside of her community with other bands and band Chiefs or organizations


Gerald C. Toney

Director of Operations:

The Director of Operations is responsible for the general operation of the Band Office including the supervision of Band Office staff; working with other departments within the band; assisting with the financial administration of the band; communications between the Chief and council and the general public, band members etc; coordination of council. The purpose of the Director of Operation is to ensure the day to day business of the Band is efficient and flow smoothly

Lisa Toney

Financial Controller:

The responsibility of the Financial Controller is to ensure the efficient financial operations of the Annapolis Valley First Nation band office, such as payroll, accounts payable, preparing statements, work closely with funding agencies, maintain all financial records, reporting and any other financial duties that need to be conducted

Nastasya Kennedy

Education Counselor / Elected Councillor:

The Education Counselor is responsible for providing/locating programs and services designed to assist students in the community who are struggling with academics as well as to assist in the preparation of students for post secondary education

The elected council makes decisions concerning band related business or community planning based on a quorum

John McCaul

Economic Development Officer:

The Economic Development Officer is available to assist band members and/or Council in Business Development with resources such as planning, funding etc. that are offered to First Nations

The elected council makes decisions concerning band related business or community planning based on a quorum

Monique Holland

Social Development Officer:

The Social Development Officer is tasked with providing Social Development services and programs to all community members to ensure that they have every opportunity to be successful whether it is through training and education or through assistance with getting the services they need to thrive

Julie Crossman

Native Employment Officer / HR Manager:

The Native Employment Officer assists band members in making good career decisions, training or educational choices. Provide labor market information, financial assistance to clients and assists them in identifying the resources they need for skills development/enhancements, life skills, resume writing and job search skills, etc

Nick MacEachern

Housing Director:

The Housing Director operates within the band office and within the housing construction field. He communicates with Chief and Council on any housing requests that are provided to him by band members and foresees the issues are taken care of by his construction crew or his service providers. He also sits on the housing committee and votes to make decisions on repairs/housing needs

John McCaul

Financial Controller / Gaming Operations:

The responsibility of the Financial Controller is to ensure the efficient financial operations and management of the Annapolis Valley First Nation Gaming such as Payroll, accounts payable, financial statements, deposits, manage staff and inventory, etc

Gerald B. Toney

Fisheries Officer (Coordinator):

The Fisheries Officer is to ensure the Annapolis Valley First Nation Fishing Agreement is followed by Department of Fisheries and Council. Completing day to day office duties such as submitting proposals, reporting requirements, training, attending workshops, and also, oversee any employees hired to harvest and distribute fish to on-reserve and off-reserve band members

Regina (Jeannie) Toney Newcombe


The Receptionist is responsible for ensuring that the office runs in an efficient and effective manner by managing the day to day operations, such as answering phone, setting up appointments, record and transcribe minutes, filing, maintain equipment etc

Murray Copage Sr.

Director of Infrastructure / Elected Councillor:

Director of infrastructure manages all the community infrastructure, making sure that existing infrastructure is maintained and also the planning for any new infrastructure to be built. The responsibility of the Councillor is to contribute to the good governance of the community and represent the individuals of the community fairly and impartially. With the other appointed councilors they work as the policy makers and also carry out other strategic management functions.

Sarah McDonald

Cultural Heritage: